Welcome to the EHRP Human Rights Trainers Network. This is a web-based network for those who are interested and/or engaged in human rights training, established as a follow up project of the action oriented project titled “Enhancing Human Rights Protections in the Security Sector in the Asia Pacific Region Project (EHRP)” led by the University of Sydney in partnership with the Centre for the Study of Human Rights of the University of Colombo (Sri Lanka) and the Kathmandu School of Law (Nepal).

Keynote speech by Professor Danielle Celermajer at the launch of EHRP Network

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“… My colleague Professor Manfred Nowak, the former UN Special Rapporteur on Torture observed, while security sector and law enforcement organizations have most often been in the human rights spotlight because of their part on committing grave violations, we should not forget that they are, or they certainly can be, amongst the most important defenders of human rights in any state.

Whether they fulfill this role very much depends on how they are located within the overall political landscape, and the extent to which they form part of the institutional infrastructure of a democratic polity, rather than being instruments of powerful and partisan political interests.” >>>Read More

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